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Devin Waguespack

Director of Operations

Meet Devin, the newest member of the ACCESS New Orleans team. Born and raised in New Orleans to a family rooted in event planning and catering, Devin is no stranger to the event industry. He even worked for the family at Pigeon Catering for quite a few years. After graduating from Brother Martin High School, he went to LSU.  After a couple years there he became very interest in film and moved back home to attend the University of New Orleans for Film Studies and also helped with minor stage and screen production work – mostly with sets and props. After graduation in film from UNO he then pursued a brief career in film doing set work. Known as the “Hollywood of the South,” he worked on a few projects such as NCIS: New Orleans, and an award-winning film “A Quiet Storm”, and “There goes Honey Poo-poo”, a Harry Shearer project. When a big chunk of the industry moved to Atlanta, he decided he didn’t want to leave his hometown behind and luckily was offered a place among the ACCESS family, where he enjoys applying his film set work into event design and production.

 Devin can play three musical instruments: bass, drums, and guitar.  Not all at the same time, though!

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